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Shannon Castle Art
Shannon Castle Art
Angels, Mermaids,
Mandalas, and more…
Deep Well Sessions

Deep Well Sessions - Streets of Inwood Watch "Streets of Inwood,"
from The Deep Well Sessions.

Deep Well Sessions

Two Disc Set

The Deep Well Sessions are a new idea. I went into the studio, solo, and recorded 19 songs in 2 days at Deep Well Studio in Woodinville. Each song was captured by a four-camera video shoot as it was being recorded so people can see how the recording was made. One take. Every time. Check it out!

"To call this two-disc release expansive is a massive understatement. […] Arrangements that will simply make your brain explode."
—Corbin Reiff, Seattle Weekly
Available both as downloads and physical CDs!
CD Digital Download
Deep Well Sessions
Disc 1
Deep Well Sessions
Disc 2
Deep Well Sessions
Both Discs! (special price)
Disc 1 Tracks—click to listen or purchase for download from Bandcamp!
Disc 2 Tracks—click to listen or purchase for download from Bandcamp!