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I have always been an advocate of community outreach performances—from college to kindergarten, it's always fun to go back to school! If you'd like to have me visit your school for assembly performances, and classroom workshops, get in touch with me or my friends at Academic Entertainment!

Deep Well Sessions

Deep Well Sessions - Istanbul Watch "Istanbul,"
from The Deep Well Sessions.


Check out some artists I've played with, DJs who dig my tunes, hip venues, and things I think are cool.

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Deep Well Sessions

Two Disc Set

The Deep Well Sessions are a new idea. I went into the studio, solo, and recorded 19 songs in 2 days at Deep Well Studio in Woodinville. Each song was captured by a four-camera video shoot as it was being recorded so people can see how the recording was made. One take. Every time. Check it out!

"To call this two-disc release expansive is a massive understatement. […] Arrangements that will simply make your brain explode."
—Corbin Reiff, Seattle Weekly
Available both as downloads and physical CDs!
CD Digital Download
Deep Well Sessions
Disc 1
Deep Well Sessions
Disc 2
Deep Well Sessions
Both Discs! (special price)
Disc 1 Tracks—click to listen or purchase for download from Bandcamp!
Disc 2 Tracks—click to listen or purchase for download from Bandcamp!