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Shannon Castle Art
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March 11, 2015

Welcome to the St. Patrick's Update Edition of

The Geoffrey Castle Newsletter

Get your Irish Up!! Don't miss these concerts: it's my 10th Annual St. Patrick's Celebration Tour!

There are still some tickets available for the concerts Thursday in Concrete WA, and Saturday at the Kirkland Performance Center, and everyone over 21 is welcome to pack the 7 Cedars Casino this Friday!

Download your Irish music right now at!

Buying CDs is, like, so 90's, right? That's why I've got my own download store with WAY more titles on it than are available on iTunes. iTunes has TWO of my recordings. My Download Store has ELEVEN! Listen to the WHOLE song before you buy. Audiophile? Choose uncompressed WAV audio instead of mp3. Can't do that on iTunes... just type in: and check out some amazing music you won't find anywhere else...

Here's the schedule, and there's some amazing news for those of you brave and patient enough to read all the way to the bottom of this newsletter!

Here's The Schedule

Thursday, March 12
Concrete Theater
42920 Main Street
Concrete, WA
7:00 pm
Get Tickets Now!
St. Patrick's Day celebration with the All Star Band and Special Guests!
Friday, March 13
7 Cedars Resort
270756 Highway 101
Sequim, Washington
9pm – 1am
I'm bringing my St. Patrick's Celebration to 7 Cedars! Waaa-Hooo!
Saturday, March 14
Kirkland Performance Center
Tenth Annual St. Patrick's Celebration
Tickets available now!
This is where it all began, TEN YEARS ago. Come celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of my St. Patrick's Celebration, with J.P. Hennessy (from Ireland), The Seattle Irish Dance Company, The ALL STAR BAND, and the King County Firefighters Pipe and Drum Band! Celebrate!
Sunday, March 15
Murphy's Irish Pub
1928 North 45th Street
Seattle, Washington
Duo performance with JP Hennessy!
Monday, March 16
Private Event
Redmond, Washington
Bring a little Castle magic to your next event! Get in touch!
Tuesday, March 17
The Wilde Rover
111 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033-6107
(425) 822-8940
6pm – 9pm
We'll be at the Wilde Rover Irish Pub in Kirkland.
You should be too.
Saturday, March 21
Oso Anniversary Concert
Details coming soon!
Friday, March 27–Saturday, March 28
Cassera Arts Premieres Gallery
La Conner, Washington
w/Shannon Connor Castle
Two free shows, Friday and Saturday from 6–9pm!
Experience the dizzying, intoxicating combination of the music of Geoffrey Castle and the art of Shannon Connor Castle in a beautiful little gallery surrounded by miles of blooming tulip fields!

... and then March is over and April starts and things get really crazy with trips to Vegas, California, NY State, Michigan, and more!

♥You read all the way to the bottom of this newsletter! Wow! I love you for that!

So now that we've gotten all that schedule stuff out of the way, I am really happy that you're here with me because I want to announce to you, and the world, that I am now a part of Arena Music Promotion - otherwise known as the future of the music business! And apparently the future includes releases on high-grade audiophile quality VINYL! Look for an actual ALBUM from me soon!

Arena Music Promotion (AMP) is a music production and promotion company based in Seattle, Washington, with connections around the world. I am thrilled to be working with this new team because they have such a fresh approach:

  • building a reputation for quality experiences through the development of artists, events, and recordings across all musical genres
  • invested in artist development and branding through events, record and video production and promotion, and concert and tour booking
  • committed to providing talent (hey, that's me!) with all the necessary support and tools, including graphic design, merchandising, and social media campaigning to ensure they achieve their goals
  • records are released on vinyl through our sister company, My Vinyl Revolution, based out of Sydney, Australia
  • I am in pre-production on a new recording project right now, and I can't wait to put the needle on the record, thanks to Arena Music Promotion!
  • They have a Facebook page. Go and like them on Facebook for updates on concerts, album releases and lots more!

Whew. The future is so bright, I gotta wear SHADES, man! Please share this newsletter with your friends, circles, and other co-conspirators and I'll see you soon!

Geoffrey Castle